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I had a vision of owning my own business and the advice I got was to "cook what you know". I had many fond memories growing up of my grandmother Buddy making me her crepes, which she learned from her grandmother. I knew I needed to share her delicious treat with the world.


In 2018 my wife and I decided to start Buddy's Crepes, working out of a tent only doing large festivals for a few years until the pandemic.  During the two years of downtime I spent countless hours practicing and honing culinary techniques for BBQ, baking, grilling, making various sauces, (including Buddy's French white gravy which you can try in our signature chicken sandwich) we decided to expand our business.  


We were able to finally get our food truck in the summer of 2022 and are excited to serve San Marcos, Central Texas and beyond. With only the highest quality products prepared fresh, using a combination of our love of slow smoked Texas BBQ and classic French food.

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